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Pub Bombings (6662_16)


I write with reference to the interview provided by the Chief Constable, Dave Thompson to the BBC Radio 4 ‘World at One’ this lunch time (1 June 2016).


With reference to the re-opening of the inquests into the Birmingham pub bombings, the Chief Constable expressly stated ‘….that in 1974 there were many tens of bombings across the Midlands’.


Having studied the politics of Northern Ireland on for over 25 years, I have never heard this from any other source and it is not clear what it refers to.


Please confirm (1) if the statement is accurate and (2) please provide details of the bombings to which the Chief Constable refers.


In the event that the comment of the Chief Constable is not accurate, I am sure you would wish to take the appropriate corrective action.



Please see attached a list of incidents for the relevant period. These incidents have been widely reported.