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1)  How many employees does your organization currently have?

2)  Who currently is contracted to supply your main fleet of printing devices (MFD’s)?

3)  What brand of device do they supply you with?

4)  How many devices do they supply you with?

5)  Do they supply you with and print management software? If so which one?

6)  Do they supply you with any scanning software (additional to the software native to the device)?

7)  When is this contract (for your MFD’s) due to expire?

8)  What Document Management solution/s do you currently use within your organization?

9)  What PDF software do you pay for? And how many licenses do you pay for (an average per annum would be a good number here please)?

10) Who is the person within your organization responsible for the MFD’s and the contract, what is their title, and their email address please?



Please find below our response.

1)  As of June 2014 there were a total of 11724 employees in West Midlands Police

2)  Danwood

3)  Xerox

4)  697

5)  Equitrak, D and A, Rightfax

6)  No

7) June 2015

8)  We have not adopted a formal document management system across the force.  We are however currently assessing SharePoint 2013 as a possible solution for certain document management applications.

9)   We don’t pay for any PDF software or support and maintenance for PDF software.

10) Ian KENT is the Design and Print Manager.


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