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Predictive Policing (10798_18)


Whether the force is currently using / trialing predictive technologies in active policing (as opposed to for administration, for example). Please let me know the name of the provider / system that is being used if so (e.g. Harm Assessment Risk Tool), and the reason for use (e.g. to help carry out risk assessments on individuals).


If algorithms / technologies are being used specifically as part of risk assessments, please let me know the full list of variables that are considered in this process (e.g. a person’s GCSE results). Please also make clear what the risk assessment is for (e.g. risk of reoffending as part of custody decisions).


Please can you also let me know whether the force has bought data from additional third party sources, (e.g. from credit reporting agencies, social media companies). If this additional data has been included in the aforementioned predictive technology systems, please also state this.


Lastly, please can you let me know whether files / dossiers (digital or paper) have been created about individuals who do not have criminal records using the data from the predictive technologies and / or additional third party data mentioned above.


Please find attached our response.