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Polish Hate Crime (5134_14)


I am requesting the following information under the Freedom of Information Act (2000) on HATE CRIME statistics for your constabulary/service.

1) Numbers of POLISH VICTIMS of “Hate Crime” for each year (including numbers so far for the current year) since 2004. If this is not available then please provide the information for years that are available and ideally going back to 2008. Otherwise, please provide the information of POLISH victims of Hate Crime for the years you have available.

2) Total number of Hate Crimes for the same period.

3) Breakdown (Granularity) of Hate Crimes by Ethnicity (Race/Origin) for the same period. General categories (as opposed to Nationality) would be acceptable (ie. Asian, Black, Chinese, East European etc..)

4) As 1-3 above but for any “NON-CRIME INCIDENTS”.

5) Numbers of HATE CRIME prosecutions for the above periods (preferably by victim ethnicity).

Polish is defined as person from Poland, Polish speaking or person thought to have been Polish.  2004 is when Poland ascended to the EU and the “free movement of workers” commenced.

It is possible that there will be no data before 2008 when a common definition was agreed. Since 2011 the information has been required as part of ADR for the Home Office.

Provision of the information in spreadsheet format is acceptable. If it is easier to provide the complete data set for each year(s) then that is also satisfactory. I am hoping the information already exist in this form and should be fairly easy to provide. I should be able to nest down into the data to find the “Polish” contingent. 


 My apologies for some oversights in this request. It can sometimes be difficult specifying information requirements without knowledge of host systems and an organisations terminology. I did make the naive assumption that all this information had already been captured within some form of spreadsheet to facilitate analysis for policing/resource purposes.

To save time, I can provide the following clarifications:

a) Numbers requested are for EACH year, (ie. not just a total for all the years). If possible, starting at 2008 (or 2004 if easily extractable).

b) Item 4 should have read “Non-Crime HATE Incidents”. I am using ACPO definition: “A non-crime hate incident is defined as: any non-crime incident which is perceived by the victim, or any other person, to be motivated (wholly or partially) by a hostility or prejudice.“

c) Prosecutions (by which I meant those charged or cautioned) of perpetrators for HATE crime against Polish VICTIMS and, if possible, total prosecutions for hate crimes.

As guidance, I am trying to analyse whether HATE CRIMES against Polish (victims) are indeed rising (year on year) and whether these crimes/incidents are treated the same as Hate Crime victims from other nationalities. This is also why previous years have been requested. If no records are available since 2008 (or 2004) then the information for the available years is requested.


Please find attached our response.