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Police Station closures (10752_18)



You clarified that you required information recorded in relation to the following definition

The Home Office definition of a police station is a police building which has a counter open to the public for at least part of the day


I am a reporter at the Sunday Times and am making this inquiry under the freedom of information act for a list of all police stations in your police authority area that have been in operation during the period or part of the period January 2010 to July 2018.

I would ask for the following data points:

Name of the police station

Full address

Is/was there a public counter (yes/no)

Is the station open or closed as of July 2018?

Date opened (as a minimum year and month) Date closed (as a minimum ¿ year and month)


Please find attached our response.

With reference to the data attached it is important to note the following

  • The dates provided for ‘opened and closed’ relate to the building and not necessarily the public counter facilities.
  • Our Property Services does not control or determine when public facilities are made available at any police property
  • The spreadsheet is from data produced at the end of each financial year, so the indicator advising of a public counter in operation is ‘as at 31 March’ for each year.
  • The notation ‘handed back’ against some of the properties indicates that a rented property has been vacated and handed back to the landlord on that date.