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Police Officer Assaults and well being (3832-20)


1.            The number of police officer suicides for 2018 and 2019.

2.            Statistics for assaults on police officers for 2019

3.            Are there measures within the police organization to help support police officers with mental health problems, other than Employee Assistance Programme?

4.            Do you have a police officer and staff mental health policy and if so please could you provide a copy?

5.            What is the number of individual police officers within your force to have been medically retired, specifically on mental health grounds for 2019.



This information is not held, our HR systems only records a death as “leaver deceased”.  There are no further category breakdowns, therefore we do not hold any recorded information in respect to this question.

Question 2:

Please see attachment 3832_20 attachment.

Question 3:

Wellbeing Van attending sites on a quarterly basis

Police Mutual support

Counselling via Occupational Health

Wellbeing Portal on the intranet (internal system)

Question 4:

The Well Being Policy.  The document is attached (Well Being policy).  We have had to remove the username and password from the document as this is for use by West Midlands personnel only to access the services provided by BWELL, otherwise the entire document is provided.

Question 5:



3832_20 attachment

Redacted well being policy PDF