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Police LSGC Medal (11274_17)


  1. Police LSGC Medal: for the purposes of calculating aggregated total service to determine qualification for the Police Long Service and Good Conduct medal in your force, do you take into account service from other police forces? Specifically:

(i) Other Home Office forces;

(ii) Ministry of Defence Police;

(ii) British Transport Police;

(ii) Civil Nuclear Constabulary.


2.            In the event of a response of “no” to (i), (ii), (iii), or (iv), is this a Force decision or is this a Home Office stipulation or guidance?


In relation to your whole request, West Midlands Police adhere to guidance from the Home Office. The recorded information that we hold relevant to your request is taken from recent guidance that was issued to our force and is as follows:

Eligible forces are:

Halifax Borough Police

MOD Police

Control for Germany (British Element Civil Police)

British Police Unit in Cyprus


Kenya from 1948-1956

Greek Police Mission

Special Police Corps Germany/Austria

First Police Reserve

Dover Harbour Board 1970


East African Police:

Kenya 1959 – 1960 if seconded (not if transferred)

Uganda 1961 – 1964 if seconded (not if transferred)

Palestine Police up to 1949 if seconded (not if transferred)

Sovereign Based Area in Cyprus 1960

British Transport Police


The aforementioned guidance also advises that for more specifics on eligible forces, Home Office Circular 37/1997 should be consulted.