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Police Earnings Assessment Matrix (568_15)


Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 I wish to ask the following questions in relation to the calculation process of Police Injury On Duty Pension banding calculations. I ask this as there appears to be different ways of calculating this throughout the UK.

a) Is a theoretical/notional earning figure (sometimes referred to as a Police Earnings Assessment Matrix **PEAM**) used in the calculation of Police Injury On Duty Pensions in West Midlands?

b) Is this figure which is normally a monetary value utilised in a formula by the Selected Medical Practioner to calculate a banding of the injury pension.

c) If this PEAM figure is used, at what part of the process is it used? Is it used in the initial (first) part of the injury on duty pension assessment to use as one of the multipliers or is this used when a review of an IOD pension is taking place?

I ask this as I am aware some Police Services throughout the UK use this theoretical earning figure at differing parts of the process of calculating IOD pension bandings, some use it during the very first part of the process at the very first IOD pension assessment and some only use it at the point of a review instigated by the IOD pensioner or by the Police Pension administrator.

It is clear that not using this theoretical earning figure at the very first assessment will possibly result in a higher banding with solely the SMP disablement percentage used for the banding i.e. 25% (band 1), 44% (band 2), 75% (band 3) & 90% (band 4).

I ask, at which point do West Midlands Police IOD pension administrator use this theoretical earning figure and could an example of the formula or examples of the formulas be given. Is the theoretical figure used during the very first part of the IOD calculation or is it only used during a review process?

Is the use of this theoretical earning figure in such calculations lawful and what law/ legistlation/ guidance is used. If it is lawful what law/legistlation/guidance is followed?


The West Midlands Police do not use a theoretical/ notional earning figure. Pensions are informed by the level of disablement. The levels are as follows; 25%(slight or less), 25 – 50 % (minor), 50 – 75 % (major), over 75% (major). The disablement band is then used in conjunction with years of service to determine the percentage of average pension-able pay (best of the last three years) to be paid.


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