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Police Dogs (4432_13)


1 in relation to your dog section can you tell me if your handlers currently have use of a Police vehicle to transport the Police dogs from their home address to their place of work when on duty.  
2 if your dog handlers are using their own vehicles to transport the Police dogs to their place of work what allowances are provided ie essential users allowance. 
3 when a handler is not on a duty day and is walking/exercising their Police dogs are they considered to be on duty when the Police dog is in a public place as I understand they are paid a handlers allowance.  
4 how many dog handlers have registered/submitted claims in relation to noise induced hearing loss in the last 10 years.  
5 if any payments/settlements were paid in relation to noise induced hearing loss can I ask how much the payment was. 
6 is your dog section currently taking part in any advertisement/sponsorship to raise funds for the force or department if they are can I ask what it involves. 
7 what health and safety risks have been identified in the dog sections health and safety risk assessment in relation to the hearing of the dog handlers.


Please find attached our response.

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