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PNB Retention Periods (14087_17)



  1. The force’s most recent guidelines governing the retention, storage or destruction of officers’ Personal Notebooks (PNBs) in the event of an officer’s retirement or early departure from the force.
  2. Guidance on whether the force holds a database detailing what has happened to notebooks used by officers who have subsequently retired or have departed from the force.
  3. If such a database exists and holds such information, please provide the following details for the years 2017, 2016, 2015 and 2014: The number of notebooks logged as having been destroyed on retirement or departure, the number retained by the force, the number retained by retired or departed officers and the number of notebooks whose location is unknown.



1.Pocket note books are retained for 6 years and then destroyed. If the book is finished/ no longer in use, it would be held centrally until the destruction date. When officers resign or retire, PNBs should be sent back for storage.

2. As of the beginning of 2017 the Local Delivery Teams now record on a spread sheet who PNBs are being issued to, and as these books get handed back in the spread sheet will be updated. Prior to this there was no database.

3.No information held. As per the answer to question 2 above, the database only records when the notebook is handed back and not the circumstances surrounding its return.