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Officer Complaints (5152_14)


1. In each of the last 5 full years how many complaints has your force received about the conduct of police officers?

2. In the same period how many of these complaints were upheld? If any were upheld please provide a list of the case and any compensation or payment paid as a result of each complaint – for example 2012 – case 1 – £500

3. In each of the upheld or partially upheld cases, what was the resulting action taken against the officer/s concerned?

4. How many complaints during this time were “locally” resolved?

5. How many of complaints during this time included allegation of racism by the officer/s concerned?

6. How many compensation/ damages claims were paid out in each of the last five years, and what was the total in each year?

7. During the last five years has your force paid out any money/ compensation/ damages with regards to the use of a) taser/ electric shock disablement b) pepper/ csa spray – if so how much?


Please find attached our response (5152_Attachment_01).