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Screened Out Crimes (8655_18)


 Could i please clarify that i am looking for the number of crimes that have been screened ‘out’ for further investigation or ‘filed’ shortly after it was reported to the police. These are cases which do not qualify for investigation after an initial screening process. These are not simply cases of No further action, but cases that were screened out.


 I would like to request the following information.

 Please list the total number of crimes that were screened out and closed as they required `no further action

Please provide a breakdown by alleged crime and reason for closure.

Please provide historic data for 2017, 2016, 2015,2014, 2013 or however many years possible.

 Please provide a breakdown by calendar year.

 How many crimes were reported in total for each of those years?


This information is already available via the following link.

Please note: West Midlands Police do not ‘screen out’ crimes – all offences are investigated.  After the initial investigation, which is undertaken by our call handlers, crimes may be subject to a solvability matrix. The data above are provided by outcome (e.g. unable to prosecute or investigations complete; no suspect identified).