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NSPIS Custody Records (5384_14)


1) The number of NSPIS Custody Records between 2008 to the date of this request that feature:

  1. a) Any bail condition featuring the word ‘protest’ and/or the word ‘demonstration’.


2) Of any such records found at (1), the number of those records shown as ‘Charged’ on those NSPIS Custody Records.

I am aware that the NSPIS System enables a single search of all custody facilities, in a specified date range, and with a free text option to specify information sought in bail conditions. It would be possible to repeat the search with charge added, to provide the two requested figures. It is expertly estimated that an analyst could complete this computer aided search in approximately two hours or less.

Only numerical data is sought.


I am writing to inform you that we have searched our records and the information you requested is not held as NSPIS is not a system used by West Midlands Police, however the custody system used in this force is called ICIS.  ICIS shows whether bails have conditions, but it doesn’t give any details of what the conditions are.  Therefore we wouldn’t be able to answer your request regarding protests / demonstrations from using this system.


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