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Neighbourhood Policing Officers (11647_17)


  • Could you please provide the total number of police officers/PCSOs in your force as at 1 April for as many financial years as possible within cost limits but at least since 2010. 
  • Could you please provide the total number of police officers/PCSOs designated as “foot patrol” officers (or posted to a neighbourhood team/who conducted neighbourhood police patrols) for those same financial years but at least since 2010 
  • Could you please provide a breakdown of the ranks for the aforementioned “foot patrol” police officers/PCSOs for each of those financial years


Please find attached our response.

It should be noted that West Midlands Police has embarked on a period of transformation recently whereby roles and functions within our organisation have been restructured. Relevant to neighbourhood policing, we are creating a new model for the way in which we police our neighbourhoods. Resource levels will be based on need established through years of crime and other data. Teams will focus more on intervening sooner and preventing harm. Accordingly, a direct comparison between the yearly figures supplied cannot be made as it will not necessarily indicate the effectiveness of policing activities.