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Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (11038_17)


Could you please answer these seven (7) Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) questions for me? Please respond to all questions, as they relate to SANDWELL METROPOLITAN BOROUGH COUNCIL


  1. Is the MASH process to safeguard the ‘child’, who is the ‘subject’ of the MASH meeting/ strategy discussion?


  1. Is it a requirement that all ‘intelligence’ (incoming information/ details etc) that is received into the MASH, needs to be officially recorded (i.e. on a WC392 form/ WC393 form/ MARF form / MASH Database etc)?


  1. Do all associated `full details¿ of the intelligence (information) need to be recorded; (i.e. the details of the person who provided it / time it was provided / where it was obtained it / how it was communicated into the MASH)?


  1. What would be the least time period for the recorded information to be securely kept?


  1. Where a child (the subject of a MASH process) has a sibling, can invocation of Section 47 of the Children¿s Act 1989 occur on the child, without there being a suspicion of the child `suffering harm¿ or `likely to suffer harm¿?


  1. Is it a standard requirement that the minutes of MASH meetings, (or the recorded decisions of a MASH Meeting/ Strategy Meeting outcome), are shared to all the MASH partner agencies?


  1. Would the answers you provide to questions 1 through 6, have differed between 2013-2015 due to your policies/ UK laws? If so, please concisely explain how.


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