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Modern Slavery (9143_17)


  1. Budgets/funding or any other resources directly allocated by the Force towards anti-trafficking activities and/or activities to combat `modern slavery’ in 2015/16 and 2016/17 financial years (i.e. dedicated projects, anti-trafficking operations, members of staff, information campaigns etc.) and what these activities are. 
  1. If available, a copy of the organisational strategy or any other document which sets out what actions are to be taken by the Force to combat trafficking in human beings and/or `modern slavery’ as mandated by the UK Government Human trafficking Strategy (2011), Modern Slavery Act (2015) and Modern slavery strategy (2014)




We can confirm that some relevant information is held by West Midlands Police in relation to your request. However, whilst the majority of the information is attached to this email, I am afraid that I am not required by statute to release all of the information requested. Additionally, West Midlands Police can neither confirm nor deny that it holds any further information relevant to this request. For the information that has not been released, this e-mail serves as a Refusal Notice under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Please find attached ‘9143_17_attachment.pdf’ in relation to question 1 of your request and ‘9143_17_Liberate_The_Plan.pdf’ in relation to question 2. The latter attachment contains redactions.



The Freedom of Information Act places two responsibilities on public authorities, the first of which is to confirm what information it holds and secondly to then disclose that information, unless exemptions apply.

In relation to information that has been redacted, the information is exempt by virtue of the following exemptions:

Section 30 (1) (a) Investigations and proceedings conducted by public authorities
Section 31 (1) (a) & (b) Law enforcement
Section 40 (2) Personal Information

These exemptions and explanatory notes are shown here:


Section 40(2)

This statutory provision under the FOIA allows for information to be withheld where release would breach the third party’s data protection rights. In this case, it would be unfair to release this personal information as it would not constitute fair processing of the data and therefore would breach the first of the principles within the Data Protection Act 1998. I am not required to identify the harm in disclosure because this exemption is class based and in this instance, I believe that the right to privacy outweighs any public interest in release.


Sections 30 and 31

In line with Sections 30 and 31 above, I am required to complete a Prejudice Test/Public Interest Test (PIT) on disclosure. Please find this PIT attached.


Further relevant information

The duty to confirm or deny whether West Midlands Police holds any further information relevant to your request (Section 1(1)(a) of the FOIA) does not apply by virtue of the following exemption:

Section 23(5) Information supplied by, or concerning, certain Security Bodies


Section 23 is a class based absolute exemption and there is no requirement to consider the public interest in this case.

Confirming or denying the existence of whether any other information is held would contravene the constrictions laid out within Section 23 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 in that this stipulates a generic bar on disclosure of any information applied by, or concerning, certain Security Bodies.

No inference can be taken from this refusal that any further information relevant to your request does or does not exist.