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Modern Slavery (1961_19)


  1. Does your force require officers to undertake training on modern slavery (human trafficking, slavery, servitude and forced or compulsory labour) ?


  1. If yes –
  2. a)       which training course are officers required to attend?


  1. b)      Does the training include information on:

–          Key responsibilities; yes/no

–          Risk and identification; yes/no

–          Challenges and solutions; yes/no

–          Victim and witness care. Yes/no


  1. c)    How do you monitor officers’ attendance at training?



Student Police Officers undertake training on Modern Day Slavery, as directed by College of Policing as part of their learning objectives for initial training. The training covers all elements as detailed in Question 2


In 2015 All the current front line officers were given training which covers all the points raised. This is under review for a new product to be rolled out once approved.


Current training exists within the ICIDP (detectives training) modules 2a- 4 & 5 in respect to Trafficking and servitude and the NRM


When required we run an Modern Slavery investigator 5 day Course for detectives involved in MS investigation and have the capability to be able to run ad hoc events and conferences


With respect to monitoring of training, If an officer/staff member fails to attend a course, the class list is updated with a ‘non attendance’ status. This information is readily available to provide to managers on request.


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