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Misconduct Hearings (2283_15)


1. How many misconduct hearings or special case hearings (relating to gross misconduct) were held against police officers between 01 Jan 2014 and 31 December 2014? (NB: this should only include hearings that were finalised – not on-going cases.)

2. For each case, please provide the following information:
a) Rank of the officer involved
b) Detailed description/summary of the allegation
c) The outcome (i.e. “case to answer” or “no case to answer”)
d) Action taken (e.g. “no action”, “written warning”, “dismissal”, “management advice” etc).
NB1: For the description/summary of each case, please provide as much detail as possible about the allegations. For example: “Alleged to have maintained contact with a number of individuals both on and off duty for the purpose of conducting sexual relationships. This contact involved use of Police issue Blackberry and Officer also alleged to have given false details to individuals.”

NB2: I am aware that some police forces publish this kind of information routinely. However, please note that I am specifically requesting information about hearings only – as opposed to investigations or meetings – and I would therefore like responses to only relate to hearings.


Under section 21 of the Act, we are not required to provide information in response to a request if it is already reasonably accessible to you. The information you requested is available on the following website.

Officer Misconduct (1332_15)


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