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M6 Toll (6949_16)


Incidents on the M6 Toll, where drivers have been charged with driving a motor vehicle dangerously, the particulars of which involve them travelling down a carriageway in the wrong direction


There are multiple disposal methods for this type of offence, depending on the severity, which are all recorded across different systems – some offenders will never be traced, some will receive a fixed penalty notice and some will be arrested.

We have searched our CRIME systems and there is no recorded information held that relates to drivers charged for travelling down the M6 Toll carriageway in the wrong direction, however this is because the M6 Toll road does not fall within the West Midlands Police force area. There are 126 recorded incident logs on WMP system for the M6 Toll in 2014 and 2015, but to interrogate these further would involve researching each case which would exceed the appropriate cost limit.

The Central Motorway Partnership Group (CMPG) is made up of West Midlands, Staffordshire and West Mercia forces but all motorway incident logs are managed through WMP incident system regardless of the force area on which the incident occurred. Hence, each constituent force will hold data on PentiP when drivers have been issued with fixed penalty notices for travelling in the wrong direction/reversing on a motorway. However, this will not represent the total number of incidents of this type. Other incidents that this data would not include are incidents for which a log was created but the vehicle wasn’t traced or the vehicle traced but the driver arrested for dangerous driving rather than issued a fixed penalty notice. The former would be recorded on the incident system and the latter on the Police National Computer .

You may be able to get from the PentiP system, the number of fixed penalty notices issued on the M6 Toll for this type of offence, however as this is not WMP data you would be best advised to request this from Staffordshire and/or West Mercia Police


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