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M6 Speed Cameras (742_16)


1. When were / are the speed cameras on the gantries over the M6 between junction 10 & 8 South turned on / being turned on so that West Midlands Police could prosecute drivers?
2. If these cameras are active, what was the date when the first driver received a speeding ticket on this section of the motorway?
3. Again, if these cameras are active, what notice did West Midlands Police give drivers that the cameras are going / will it give?
4. Why is the `smart¿ section of the motorway called the MIDAS system?
5. Who named it the MIDAS system?
6. Who programmed it originally?
7. Who has the authority to reprogramme it?
8. How many times and on what dates has the MIDAS system around this section of motorway been re-programmed?
9. Has West Midlands Police set a budget which includes income planned to be received from the MIDAS system on the M6? If so, what is the budget


Please find attached our response.