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LTI speed enforcement laser devices (9717/19)


1.How many LTI speed enforcement laser devices are operated by your Police Force

2.What models of LTI speed enforcement laser devices are operated by your Police Force ?

3.What training do police officers receive in the use of the above LTI devices and who deliveries this training within your force, if possible could I have a copy of the training material used by the your force as a pdf or power point, I am prepared to be able to receive this information in other formats.

4.Over the past 3 years can you advise how many speeding offences have been dealt with by your force for each year and the way in which disposal has taken place ? example, Reported to Court, Fixed Penalty Offer, Speed Awareness Course, Warning issued.

5.In respect of the LTI devices used for speed enforcement what servicing and calibration takes place and how often is this checked ? over the last 24 months has your force experienced any faults or other issues operating LTI devices for speed enforcement.

6.Is there a set policy or procedures for the way in which motorists are dealt with in respect of speeding offences across your force area by the Police, if so what training do police officers receive in this respect in particular in the way members of the public are interviewed at the road side and the use of body worn video cameras and the caution given in respect of speeding matters any issues related to Police and Criminal Evidence Act codes of practice, if possible please could you supply a copy of any training materials used in respect of road side interviews related speed enforcement and motoring offences.

7.What make of Body Worn Video camera is used by your force what policies exist in relation to the use of these devices in relation to use during interview and questioning within Police vehicles.


Please find enclosed our response.