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Living History Membership (7698/18)


My questions are around the hobby of Living History membership within the Police Force.

Historical Reenactment or Living History is an educational or entertainment activity in which people recreate aspects of an historical event or period. It will involve the person dressing in period attire ( usually military) attending organised events and role playing that time frame period. It could include Vikings, Napoleonic or WW2 time frames for example.

Do you hold numbers of how many sworn officers and civilian staff employed by your force belong to or engage in Living History Re-enactment events in their spare time?

Do they have to seek permission to join such groups from your Chief Constable?

Have any members of staff been asked to resign from such groups once it is apparent they engage in this hobby outside of their normal work?

Are specific restrictions placed on your staff ( sworn and unsworn) preventing them from joining certain Living History groups? e.g. American Civil War confederate , WW2 German etc due to perceived public perception?

I look forward to your response. If you cannot answer all questions can you provide absents to those you can please?


Please find attached our response.