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Line Ups (767/18)


  1. I’m currently undertaking a research study on the `Reliability of eyewitness identification evidence’.  For the part of this study, I’m researching what current line-up procedure does your police force use with eyewitnesses when identifying suspects.
  2. Does your police force use sequential line-ups ? (all individuals are viewed one at a time), simultaneous line-ups? (all individuals are viewed at the same time), or does it use Viper (pre-recorded video recordings of individuals)?
  3. Please could you respond which type of identification process you use with reasons why you use that one.



  1. The main form of Identification that West Midlands Police uses is Video identification but as per the codes of practice other forms are available to use.
  2. Images are shown one at a time
  3. The Identification process follows PACE guidelines which is why they are followed.


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