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Liaison Officers (16444_18)


  1. Does your Constabulary have a nominated officer or officers who acts as a single point of contact in relation to all crimes against sex workers (often called Sex Work Liaison Officers)?


If you do have Sex Work Liaison Officers, please answer the following questions:


  1. Does the Constabulary refer to these officers as Sex Work Liaison Officers or are they referred to by a different name? What is this name, if so?
  2. How many officers currently have this role in this Constabulary?
  3. Are these Sex Work Liaison Officers police officers, PCSOs, special constables or civilian staff? What rank are they?
  4. What neighbourhoods do the Sex Work Liaison Officers cover within the Constabulary?
  5. Do the Sex Work Liaison Officers monitor both on and off-street sex work?


Please find attached our response