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John Anslow (5218_14)


1. How many times did officers/staff/volunteers travel abroad in the search for John Anslow since his escape in January 2012? Where did they go, when (date and year) and how many went on each occasion? How much did that cost the force? If anyone travelled abroad, can you please say where they went to eg Cyprus and what kind of transport was taken ie Eurostar/trains or economy class flights.

2. Did the force involve any other agencies in the search for John Anslow abroad? If so, please say which they were, when they were involved (month and year at least) and if that meant any extra costs were incurred by the force. Did the force employ any private detectives for example, or police forces abroad?


West Midlands Police were not involved in the investigation into John Anslow’s escape. The information you have requested may be available through Staffordshire Police and West Mercia Police who coordinated the return of John Anslow to the UK. The contact details for these forces are below:


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