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Job Related Fitness Test (3401_16)


This FOI request relates to disability and the job related fitness test [JRFT].
For the period 1 September 2014 to 30 September 2015 please tell me:
1. What was the criteria in your police force for undertaking the JRFT?
2. What was your total police officer strength during this period?
3. How many police officers had classed themselves as disabled during this period?
4. How many police officers were classed as restricted [through medical reasons] or on adjusted duties during this period?
5. How many officers undertook the JRFT in this period?
6. What percentage of those officers that took the JRFT were disabled?
7. Of those that undertook the JRFT, what percentage were restricted [due to medical reasons] or on adjusted duties?
8. Of those that undertook the JRFT, what percentage had classed themselves as disabled?
9. What percentage of overall officers did not take the JRFT?
10. What reasons did these officers not take the JRFT?
11. How many officers have received a sanction [of any type, including management action] for failing the JRFT?
12. Were any of those officers disabled, restricted [because of medical reasons] or on adjusted duties?
13. Does your force offer an alternative JRFT for those whom are disabled or who have mobility issues?
14. If so, which alternative test[s] do you offer?
15. Please state how many officers undertook which alternatives during this period.


Please find attached our response.