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Interviews and Techniques (20911/19)


Please provide case information of interview techniques and policies of offenders and witnesses with learning or disabilities:

1) Please provide the number cases recorded until and including 2019

2) Please provide or describe policies, procedures, guidelines and standard operational procedures for the interviewing of witnesses and offenders with learning difficulties or disabilities

3) Please provide or describe the procedure, policies, guidelines and standard operational protocol of the identification of a learning difficulty.

4) What information is provided and what procedure is used to ensure their understanding of the situation and that their wellbeing is monitored throughout the investigation?

5) What proportion of the interviews were carried out by an officer with the required training?

6) Is it mandatory for an officer to have the correct training to carry out an interview with an offender or witness with learning difficulties?

7) What policy and procedure is carried out if there is no officer present with the relevant training?

I have already reviewed disclosure log to ensure no relevant information requested is available.


Please find attached our response.

Please be advised that the information that you have requested is not available in a readily retrievable format. In relation Question 1 and 5 as we do not have marker which would identify a witness/ suspect of having learning difficulties .Therefore each record would need to be manually reviewed to see if information was contained within the summary of the report / record

Therefore the cost of providing you with the information is above the amount to which we are legally required to respond i.e. the cost of locating and retrieving the information exceeds the ‘appropriate level’ as stated in the Freedom of Information (Fees and Appropriate Limit) Regulations 2004.

In accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000, this letter acts as a Refusal Notice for this part of the request and if one part of a request exceeds the fees limit then S12 of the Act applies to the whole request

However, In accordance with Section 16 of the Act I have a duty to provide advice and assistance in relation to your request and can provide information in relation to  Question 2/3/4/6/7/.  This should not be taken as a precedent that additional information would be supplied outside of the time/fees legislation for any subsequent requests

Further information on section 12 of FOI is available here: