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Intelligence Handling (1978_16)


Building on our article ‘The Regulation and Retention of Police Intelligence’ (to be published in the next issue of, we are undertaking further research which aims to explore the definition and handling of intelligence across police forces in the UK. We are particularly interested in the practices and processes used by your force to assist officers in handling intelligence, including in relation to databases such as the Police National Computer and Police National Database or any localised or specialised intelligence databases.

To that end, would you be able to answer the following questions please:

  1. Please could you describe the intelligence handling and analysis processes used by your force.  For clarity, we are particularly interested in processes that relate to the definition, collection, use, retention and disclosure of intelligence, including the criteria for uploading onto the PND and specialised databases.
  1. Do your officers and staff use any sort of computational or algorithmic data analysis or decision-making in relation to the analysis of intelligence?  If so, could you confirm the nature of the algorithm(s) used and the purposes for which the algorithm(s) are used, for instance for prediction of risk of crime.
  1. If your officers and staff do use any sort of computational or algorithmic data analysis in relation to the analysis of intelligence, please could you confirm who creates those algorithms: internally within your force; a national policing body; a private sector body; otherwise;
  1. Please could you indicate the number of officers and staff disciplined for not following your force’s intelligence processes for years 2013-14 and 2014-15 and the nature of the failure.


Please find attached our response.