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Insurance Policies (5281_14)


1) What insurance contracts does the Police force have and what do they cover?

2) Which insurance company is each contract with?

3a) Which contracts are purchased through a broker?

b) If so how long has this been with them / times renewed

4a) Which contracts are purchased direct with the insurer?

b) If so how long has this been with them / times renewed?

5) What is the cost of each contract?

6) Are contracts paid in full or are the paid over installments?

7) Who is the decision maker for each contract?

8) When is the expiry date of each contract?

9) Which contracts will have to go to tender & where will these tenders be advertised?

10) How many employees does the Police force have?

11) Is the basis of selection based on level of cover, price or service, a combination of one or more of these reasons?

12) Are you able to receive quotes from other insurers/brokers whilst under contract with current insurer?


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