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Historic Paedophile Investigation (5591_15)


I would like to submit the following Freedom of Information requests, all of which cover the last 12 months (2nd November 2014 – 2nd November 2015).

Has your force been involved in or provided information to another police force relating to what has been described as “the historic paedophile investigation”?
If yes please could you provide the following information:
How many employees were involved in this process?
How many police officers were involved in this process?
What is estimated cost of the investigation to your force?
Has this impacted on current investigations?


To clarify what is talked about as the historic paedophile abuse, Operation Fairbank or the Westminster paedophile ring for example, I understand your force investigated claims against Ted Heath.


With respect to claims that West Midlands Police have conducted investigations regarding Ted Heath, please see the following:

Sex Abuse (3092/15)

Sex Abuse (3092/15)


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