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Highways England (23024_18)


1.I would be obliged if you would confirm to me if the Police Inspector from CMPG actually sees the footage collected by Highways England before co signing the advisory letter.


2.I would be obliged if you would forward me confirmation of the times that the hard shoulder was in use as a running lane on the M6 northbound between junctions 4a and 5 on 21/10/2018.


3.I would be obliged if you would forward to me confirmation of the number of advisory letters sent out for breaches on the M6 between junctions 4a and 5 since this section became smart motorway.


4.Could you please confirm if the M6 southbound was closed between juction 4 and junction 2 at 23.05 on 02/11/18 and also please confirm if traffic was being marsalled off at junction 4 with the hard shoulder in use for any amount of time to facilitate this.


With reference to question 1, due to practicalities and time constraints footage is not viewed prior to every advisory letter being sent out. These letters are advisory letters only with the intention of educating drivers and making the motorways safer for everyone.  With reference to questions 2, 3 & 4 there is no recorded information held by West Midlands Police and you may be better placed to contact the Highways Agency


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