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Highest Value Items (1619/18)


Can you please provide me with a list of the ten highest value items reported stolen in the most recent calendar year (or, alternately, in the financial year 2016/17)?

The file should contain a column with the local area where the item was stolen, a column with the name of the item and a column with the value of the item.


Please find attached our response, with data drawn from our central database.

It is important to note that Under the Freedom of Information Act we are obliged to provide you with all of the information we have recorded that falls within the scope of your request, regardless of the accuracy of those data.

We are aware of inaccuracies with the data regarding the value of these vehicles. For example one record shows the property value stolen was £5,400,000.00 for a vehicle. Clearly the figure has been entered incorrectly.

 However, despite these apparent inaccuracies, we are supplying these data so as to comply with the Act.  You should note that these values are recorded purely as a summary record on our central database and it is likely that a more accurate figure for the value may be recorded within the case files. However to locate any more accurate data would involve a manual search of each record, the cost of this search is above the amount to which we are legally required to respond, i.e. the cost of locating and retrieving the information would exceed the appropriate costs limit under section 12 of the Freedom of information Act 2000. For West Midlands Police, the appropriate limit is set at £450, as prescribed by the Freedom of Information and Data Protection (Appropriate Limit and Fees) Regulations 2004, S.I. 3244.

If you decide to write an article / use the enclosed data we would ask you to take into consideration the factors highlighted in this document so as to not mislead members of the public or official bodies, or misrepresent the relevance of the whole or any part of this disclosed material.