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Highest Recorded Speeding Offences (13963/19)


1) The top 10 highest recorded speeding offences within the past year (11th August 2018 – 11th August 2019 inclusive).

2) For each offence, please include the recorded speed, the speed limit of the road, and the name of the road.

3) I would also appreciate any recorded video or photographic evidence of the offences if it is available, but if this would exceed the financial limits of the request, then please ignore this part of the request.


We can confirm that relevant information is held by West Midlands Police. However, while the majority of the information is attached to this email, I am afraid that I am not required to release all of the information requested. Please find attached information for questions 1 & 2. However relevant information for question 3 is being withheld by virtue of Section 40(2) – Personal information.

Section 40(2) is an absolute and class based exemption if to release the information exists would breach the third party’s data protection rights. In this case to release this personal information would not constitute fair processing of the data. As this exemption is class based I am not required to identify the harm in disclosure and in this instance I believe that the right to privacy outweighs any public interest in release.

This exemption and explanatory notes are shown here:

Every effort is made to ensure that the figures presented are accurate and complete. However, it is important to note that these data have been extracted from a number of data sources used by forces for police purposes. The detail collected to respond specifically to your request is subject to the inaccuracies inherent in any large scale recording system. As a consequence, care should be taken to ensure data collection processes and their inevitable limitations are taken into account when interpreting those data.

The figures provided therefore are our best interpretation of relevance of data to your request, but you should be aware that the collation of figures for ad hoc requests may have limitations and this should be taken into account when those data are used.

If you decide to write an article / use the enclosed data we would ask you to take into consideration the factors highlighted in this document so as to not mislead members of the public or official bodies, or misrepresent the relevance of the whole or any part of this disclosed material.