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How we are working to keep our FOI Requests running during COVID-19

Healthcare Services (3832_19)



  1. Which company(s) hold the contract to supply your current police custody medical/healthcare services?
  2. Which company(s) hold the contract to supply your sexual assault referral centre (SARC) services?
  3. Please state the full name of your Authority.
  4. Please state if these service were procured through a framework agreement with other Public Authorities (if so please provide the names of the other Authorities). If yes, please also state which Authority holds the contract.
  5. Please state the contract start date and end date of your current contract.
  6. What is the current annual value of each of the contracts?
  7. Are there provisions for contract extensions (including how many years and the extension terms)? If yes, please state if the contract extension been awarded.
  8. What was the volume of healthcare calls in the last 12 months under the police custody medical/healthcare contract?
  9. What are the current agreed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)?
  10. What was the last 12 months performance against response time KPIs?
  11. What are the current agreed response times?
  12. What was the last 12 months rota coverage percentages?

14. What are the current termination clauses within each of your contracts


Please find attached our response