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Hate Crime (11439/16)


Please could you provide figures for the total number of hate crimes recorded, for each of the following categories of crimes:

(a) Racist and Religious Hate Crime
(b) Racist Hate Crime
(c) Faith Hate Crime
(d) Anti-semitic Hate Crime
(e) Islamophobic Hate Crime

Please provide this data for each of the following periods:

1. March 16th, 2016 – June 23rd, 2016 (inclusive)
2. June 24th, 2016 – October 1st, 2016 (inclusive)
3. March 16th, 2015 – June 23rd, 2015 (inclusive)
4. March 16th, 2014 – June 23rd, 2014 (inclusive)

I am therefore looking for a total of 20 figures — i.e. the total figure for each of the 5 types of crime listed, for each of the 4 time periods.


Some of the information you have requested is available via

Hate Crime

Foe information that is not already available , under section 22 of the Act, we are not required to provide information in response to a request if it is already scheduled to be released into the public domain. The information you requested is due to be made available on the following website:


The Freedom of Information Act places two responsibilities on public authorities, the first of which is to confirm what information it holds and secondly to then disclose that information, unless exemptions apply.

In this case the information is exempt by virtue of the Section 22 (1) (Information intended for future publication)

In line with the above, I am required to complete a Prejudice Test/Public Interest Test (PIT) on disclosure. Please find this PIT below.

The West Midlands Police recognise the public interest in the disclosure of the National Attendance Management Forum Minutes and routinely publish this information. However, to respond to this request at this time would require the information to be retrieved and collated, and would involve a disproportionate use of resources. As this information is due to be released, we feel that it is exempt under Section 22 of the FOI Act.