Hate Crime (3152/15)


Post April 2014, in order to be providing more accurate data we introduced a ‘hate strand’ marker, which can be added to crimes where homophobia, Islamophobia and anti-semitism are considered to be elements of the offence. Although the marker will have been used on the majority of hate crimes, it is not a compulsory marker. This means that not all offences will be captured. We can provide the number of offences where a ‘homophobic’, ‘religious – perceived judaism’ and a ‘religious – perceived Islam’ marker has been used. We can thenprovide information on the defendants ethnicity.


Please find attached our response (3152_Attachment). However, please find a key below that you will need to interpret the data.

50 – Charge/ Summons
51 – Postal Charge
53 – Caution – YOUTH (inc conditional caution)
54 – Caution – Adult (inc conditional caution)
59 – Prosecution not in the public interest
60 – Formal action against the offender is not in the public interest
61 – Prosecution prevented – named suspect identified but is below the age of criminal responsibility
65 – Named suspect identified: victim supports police action but evidential difficulties prevent further action
66 – Named Suspect identified: evidential difficulties prevent further action; victim does not support (or has withdrawn support from) police action
67 – Prosecution time limit expired: Suspect identified but prosecution time limit has expired.
69 – Non Crime Closure
70 – Further action resulting from the crime report will be undertaken by another body or agency subject to the victim being made aware of the action to be taken



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