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Hate Crime (2906/20)


We would like to obtain the below information between the period 01/01/2013 to 31/12/2018.

Part 1 (Training)

Could you please provide information about police officer hate crime training which includes the following:

a) Date of hate crime training?

b) Type of hate crime training (e.g. online, workshop, seminar, practical etc.)?

c) Was the training optional or mandatory?

d) Number of police officers that participated in the training?

e) Was the training internal (e.g. run by Police Force) or external (e.g. College of Policing)?

Part 2 (Outreach)

Could you please provide information about hate crime community outreach events or communications which includes the following:

a) Date of hate crime outreach event or communication?

b) Type of outreach event or communication (e.g. community event, school talk, public meeting, poster, leaflet, social media campaign, website article etc.)?

c) Who delivered the outreach event or communication (e.g. police community support officer, police officer, neighbourhood policing team, communications department etc.)?


Please be advised that the information that you have requested for Part 2 (Outreach) is not centrally recorded. This means that in order to identify this, we would need to approach our Corporate Communications department and each Local Policing Unit / Neighbourhood Policing Unit who would subsequently need to liaise with each team and partnership to confirm what work had been done with regard to hate crime between 2013 – 2018. This would involve manually searching records, however, to conduct this search would exceed the appropriate limit (s.12 FOIA).

This means that the cost of providing you with the information is above the amount to which we are legally required to respond i.e. the cost of locating and retrieving the information exceeds the ‘appropriate level’ as stated in the Freedom of Information (Fees and Appropriate Limit) Regulations 2004.

In accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000, this letter acts as a Refusal Notice for this part of the request and if one part of a request exceeds the fees limit then S12 of the Act applies to the whole request.

Further information on section 12 of FOI is available here:

However, in accordance with Section 16 of the Act I have a duty to provide advice and assistance in relation to your request and can provide the information requested for Part 1 (Training) as this was retrieved during our initial research. Please see attached document (2906_Attachment).

This should not be taken as a precedent that additional information would be supplied outside of the time/fees legislation for any subsequent requests.