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Forensic Services (1904_18)


I am sending this request under the Freedom of Information Act to ask for the following information regarding disclosure in criminal cases:


  1. a) Will your force have appointed a dedicated disclosure champion by 28.02.18?


  1. b) If so, what rank is this officer?



  1. a) Does your force have a dedicated digital forensic unit? By this we mean a team dedicated to investigating and advising on evidence with a digital element including computers, mobile phones and other electronic devices capable of holding electronic data.


  1. b) If so, what month and year did this unit begin operation?


  1. c) If so, how many staff (FTE) currently work in the unit?



  1. a) Does your force outsource digital forensic work to a private company? If not, has your force done so in the past?


  1. b) If your force currently does, which private company/s does the force outsource to?


  1. c) If your force has done so in the last ten calendar years, but has now stopped, please state which company/s you outsourced to and over what period.



  1. a) Please state the number of cases in which there was a suspected failure to disclose evidence, which has been referred to your forces professional standards directorate, from January 1st 2017 to date. Please provide a breakdown by month.


  1. b) Of these cases, please state the number that are still currently being investigated.


  1. c) Of these cases, please state the number that involved digital non-disclosure.


  1. d) Of these cases, how many were offences of rape? How many were other sexual offences?




Please find attached our response