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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

How we are working to keep our FOI Requests running during COVID-19

FOI Unit (11810_17)


This request is for the department of your force in charge of managing Freedom of Information requests. For convenience, this is referred to below as the `information management unit’
The request is as follows –
Are staff in charge of gathering information to fulfil a Freedom of Information request asked to inform their managers or the information management unit of any ‘reputational risk’ posed to the force by releasing the information?
This applies to all stages of the progress of the Freedom of Information Request, from receipt of the request up until the information applicant is informed of the outcome.


We have searched our systems and there is no recorded information held. Staff who gather information are not asked to inform anyone of any ‘reputational risk’ posed to the force by releasing the information. In order to assist, West Midlands Police has a dedicated Freedom of Information Unit, based within the Corporate Communications Department, which follows the guidelines as laid out in the following documents

Freedom of information

As part of the FOI process the final response is provided to our Head of News or the Head of Corporate Communications Department for information purposes before it is released.


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