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Alcohol / Violence Intervention Scheme (2609/18)


I have seen WMP is tendering a contract for an alcohol/violence conditional caution intervention scheme

Can you tell me what the scheme is?
Why is the force looking to bring in the scheme?


1 Can you tell me what the scheme is?

An Alcohol/Violence Out of Court Disposal Intervention Scheme is for offenders who commit acts of physical or verbal violence against either persons or property, whilst under the influence of alcohol; and to provide basic treatment for the alcohol abuse and the underlying aggressive behaviour it triggers.

Conditional Caution
The purpose of a Conditional Caution is to divert offenders, who would otherwise be charged to court with an offence, away from the Criminal Justice System and into treatment for the underlying cause of their behaviour. The objective is a reduction in reoffending.

Generally cases will be suitable for a Conditional Caution if they are unlikely to attract a custodial sentence or higher level community order at court. Although more serious cases can be authorised in exceptional circumstances.

The offender must comply with the conditions built into the caution (e.g. course attendance) or will be charged to court for their offence.

2. Why is the force looking to bring in the scheme?

The scheme is already in place. However the current contract due to expire. The purpose of the scheme is to reduce reoffending through early offenders receiving behavioural change treatment (as described in response to question 1). The scheme is being evaluated to prove effectiveness. The current course is funded by the Home Office via their Police Innovation Fund which was set up to fund new and creative ideas to make policing more effective.


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