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Fleet Light Bars (931A/20)


I would like to know the size, manufacturer and model of the police LIGHTBARS used on the following vehicles between the years 2014 to 2020:

 Vauxhall insignia

Vauxhall Astra

Vauxhall Corsa

 Please supply the manufactures product installation sheet (The guide that informs fleet technicians how to correctly install lightbars to manufactures spec) for each different light bar in question.

 In addition to that please supply me the battnernbeg specifications that are required for all your marked vehicles I specifically want to know the colour and type of reflective material used the supplier you use.

 Please also state whether the lightbars are bespoke for the WMP or off the shelf if not the latter please inform what the WMP design requirements were for the bespoke lightbar.



Please see attached