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Firearms Officers (731_18)


WMP are known for their use of physically demanding testing methods during the assessment day process of potential firearms officers prior to them taking part in pass / fail scenarios.

You have a disproprtionately [sic] low number of female officers serving in your firearms unit, how do you intend to deal with this apparent disproportionality and increase the number of female officers ?

In general Female applicants will have differing physical abilities to Male applicants. This suggests that the male applicant would have an unfair advantage over the female applicant when performing physically demanding exercises unless adjustments are in place.

… assuming that an applicant is fully operational and able to pass the national fitness test at the required level, what reasonable adjustment / allowance / positive action is made for female applicants to ensure they stand an equal chance of passing scenarios and are able to compete fairly with male applicants, thus ensuring compliance with the Equality Act 2010 and achieving your own aim to remove all disproportionality / disadvantage and achieve equality, fairness and diversity for all of your staff ?

Please provide a dual response from a member of your firearms training department and a diversity manager


Please find attached our response