Financial Investigators (4702_14)


Could you please clarify how many financial investigators are currently accredited and which such investigators are accredited for;

A) Confiscation Orders
B) Civil Recovery
C) Cash Seizure Litigation
D) Intelligence



There is no requirement for a police officer to be a Financial Investigator to enable them to carry out cash seizures.  It is however considered best practice that police officers who deal with cash seizure be trained Financial Investigators.

We also have four members of police staff who are Financial Investigators, they are all also confiscation trained.  Note: police staff legally need to be an accredited Financial Investigator to enable them to do cash seizures.  They also have to have completed a confiscation course to conduct confiscation enquiries.

We have fifteen police officers who are accredited Financial Investigators some of which are currently trainees.  Of those officers that are accredited, six are also confiscation trained.


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