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Facilities Management (1169_15)


I should like to request the following information:

1.     Does the Force outsource, in whole or in part, any functions of facilities management, please see Annex 1 for definition of Facilities Management Services? Yes/No

2.     If “yes”, which parts of facilities management are outsourced? e.g. cleaning or catering, etc.

3.     If “yes” to Q1, when is the contract or contracts due for renewal?

4.     If “no” to Q1, is the Force considering outsourcing, in whole or in part, any functions of facilities management? Yes/No

5.     If “no” to Q1, are the staff working in facilities management employed by the Force? Yes/No

6.     If “yes” to Q5, please give the numbers of staff in the following categories:-

a.    Cleaning team

b.    Engineers / Technical staff

c.     Trade Operatives (e.g. Receptionist, Security Officer, Mailroom operative, Handyman, Helpdesk operator, Housekeeper, etc.)

d.    Catering staff

7.     How many police premises in the Force area require the services described in the below definition of facilities management?

8.     Please list these premises by use, e.g. Divisional Headquarters, Training Centre, Firearms range, etc

9.     Do you have police premises in the Force area which were developed through the Private Finance Initiative (PFI)? Yes/No

10.  If “yes” to Q7, please list them.

11.  Who is the person at Force level responsible for Facilities Management?

12.  What is the contact telephone number for that person?

Annex 1 Facilities Management Definition

§  Accommodation services, including removals and storage

§  Archive and storage of records

§  Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and Disaster Recovery (DR)

§  Building, mechanical and electrical maintenance

§  Car park management

§  Catering

§  Central reprographics

§  Specialist cleaning i.e. clinical

§  Concierge

§  Decoration and painting

§  Energy and utility management services, including accounting

§  Facilities service centre (Helpdesk)

§  Fire Extinguisher supply and maintenance

§  Furniture, fittings and equipment (FFE)

§  Goods inwards

§  Grounds maintenance

§  Housekeeping services

§  Internal planting

§  IT services, including telecommunications

§  Linen and laundry

§  Logistics and transport services

§  Mailroom and postal services

§  Management of meeting spaces and conference facilities

§  Medical and forensic services

§  PAT testing

§  Pest control

§  Portering

§  Reprographics

§  Reception, including switchboard

§  Registry services

§  Retail and vending services

§  Security services

§  Secure transport of exhibits i.e. munitions/class A drugs/exhibits

§  Sports and leisure facilities

§  Stationery services

§  Training Facilities/Conference Management

§  Waste disposal, including general, hazardous and recyclable

§  Workspace engineering



Please find attached our response.