Facebook Incidents (4742_14)


Could you please provide a list of all recorded incidents in which a member of the public has reported a Facebook user or a Facebook profile/group of messaging under-16s in a sexual nature or in what they suspected was an attempt to lead to sexual gratification (even if the message was innocuous)?

Could you do this for two years from January 31st to 2012 to January 31st 2014?

Also could you list any recorded incidents where pictures have been exchanged by a Facebook user/group which were believed to be of under-16s for the purpose of sexual gratification?

Could you detail whether any arrest or charges were made in relation to the incidents?

And finally could you detail the age and gender (where known) of the suspects involved and the age and gender of the victims (where applicable/known)?


Please find attached our response (4742_attachment_01.pdf).



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