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Ethnic Classification (2359_15)


The Home Office requires police forces to record and report details regarding the self-identified ethnicity of members of the public that forces come into contact with. With regards to this, does your force, in addition to its requirement under the 16+1 system of ethnic classification, collect data on Gypsies and Irish Travellers?


What I mean by ‘collect data on Gypsies & Travellers’ is, as I’m sure that you are aware, there is a legal obligation for police forces to collect data using the 16+1 system of ethnic classification. My question regards whether your force uses the extra categories of  ‘Gypsy’ ‘Irish Traveller’ in your contact with the public, as either customers or victims of crime?


I can confirm that West Midlands Police does not use an extra category of ‘Gypsies’ or ‘Irish Travellers’ when recording the ethnicity of individuals.


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