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Email Policy (4372_13)


Would you please send me a copy (preferably via email) of the West Midlands police policy regarding police officers using police emails for personal correspondence?


The following statement appears on every computer screen at user log in which states the system is for police business

Acceptable Use Statement

The purpose of this statement is to outline acceptable use of Force systems and to protect West Midlands Police Force and system users from risks arising through inappropriate use, including virus attacks, compromise of networks and services, and legal issues.

Non-compliance with Force Policies and Procedures can result in dismissal and/or criminal offences under the Data Protection Act 1998, the Computer Misuse Act 1990 and the Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988.

Police ICT and Telecommunications systems are regularly audited and monitored for operational and security purposes.  These systems are provided for the secure and efficient conduct of police business.  All data residing thereon is the property of West Midlands Police and forms part of the corporate record, hence there can be no expectation of personal privacy.  Access to Force systems and data must be maintained in accordance with force policy and all users are personally accountable for their access.

To knowingly transmit or receive material of a racist, offensive, unlawful or otherwise objectionable nature will be considered an explicit disciplinary offence.

The downloading, installation or use of unauthorised devices and/or software on West Midlands Police systems is prohibited.  The Force is committed to ensuring that all software residing on our ICT infrastructure is properly licensed and used within the terms and conditions of the licence agreement.

Please click ‘OK’ to acknowledge that you have read this Acceptable Use Statement.

Please also see attached a part one order that is in effect which is in the process of being converted into policy


18 2004