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E-scooters (1059A/20)


  • Do you have a specific code for reporting on road traffic collisions / incidents please for the Department for Transport (DfT) rentable e-scooter trial in your area,
  • Do you have a separate code for road traffic incidents for illegal rentable e-scooters please.
  • Could you clarify how road traffic incidents involving either rentable e-scooters or illegal ones are reported through STATS19 recording process please.
  • How are the complaints about rentable and illegal e-scooters from the public are being recorded please.
  • If the rentable e-scooter trials are dockless, are you able to take enforcement action if they are causing an obstruction on the pavement or at a pedestrian crossing please? Examples of what is meant by dockless are given below in the photos.


Please find attached our response.