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Duty Solicitors (610_15)


1.  Do police stations officers with custody suites at police stations

use the Duty Solicitors online electronic database to find solicitors

for those in custody who want to be represented by a solicitor?

2.  Do the police station officers search or those in custody search

this electronic database?

3.  Is there a hard copy or a paper or laminated sheet or poster or

some other electronic file with solicitor details kept at the police

stations to use alternatively to the online electronic database?

4.  Who chooses from the search the solicitor for those in custody, is

it police officer or those in custody?

5.  Is the solicitor chosen from the electronic database or sheet or

e-file local to the police station usually?

6.  Does the Duty Solicitors electronic database or the sheet or

e-file specify the times of availability of the solicitors?

7.  If someone in custody requires solicitor during night time, is

there another list either electronically or is there an informal list?

8.  If a solicitor is not on the Duty Solicitors official list, can

the solicitor pitch themselves to the police stations for this work

and be contacted by them?


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