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Driving Courses (1272A/20)


Please provide a list of courses offered by the service’s driving school – if possible including the length of each course, and noting whether some courses are regularly combined together (for example, standard response and initial phase pursuit courses).


Please find enclosed our response:


Standard Driving course 3 weeks

Standard Initial Phase Pursuit (IPP) 3 days

Standard Car Refresher 2 days

Standard Motorcycle 3 weeks

Standard Motorcycle refresher 2 days

Advanced Driving Course 4 weeks

Advanced IPP 3 days

Advanced Car 2 days

Advanced Motorcycle 4 weeks

Advanced Motorcycle refresher 2 days

Motorcycle: Special Escort Group) SEG: 1 week

Car: National Protection/VIP 3 weeks

DVSA D1 Minibus – 5 days with response

Towing authority

The classroom based courses such as

Stinger (1 day)

Intox (1 week)

Prolaser (1 day).

Tintman Tester (practical – individually based)

Drink Drive (practical – individually based)

Management of Police Pursuits (practical – individually based)

Field Impairment Testing (practical – individually based)

Highway Code and Road craft (practical – individually based)

TPAC – 1 week

Refresher – incorporated in the Advanced Car making it a 5 day course

Instructor the Instructor – 7 week course


Only courses such as response in the carriers, or TPAC with Advanced car refreshers are courses that are routinely put together.

Some courses as detailed above go at the pace of the learner, for example someone with field impairment test experience may get through the content quicker and therefore an exact course length is hard to determine.


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